Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Doing The Impossible: Putting This Trip Into Words

        Knowing that today is our last day in Malawi can be explained in a variety of different ways but a simple way to sum up most of all our feelings would be, bittersweet. We all deeply miss our families, friends and the things we use to feel were necessities, like flavor with our food, hot water for our showers and Internet we don’t have to share. This experience has shown us what true necessities are and gave us an opportunity to appreciate how blessed we are in the life to which we are about to return. Many of us dream of coming back to this country, though for others we know it may not be a reality. However, we do know this to be our reality: Each and every one of us on this incredible journey has been impacted both professionally and personally.  Simply put, our lives have many new and powerful perspectives.

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