Friday, 1 July 2011

A Journey Through A New Lens

      Upon arriving to Africa, we have been submerged in a whirlwind of a new culture. Being aware of what their culture means to them and how we could best respect it was very important to us. In order to take in this new culture and experience it to the fullest we had to make sure to keep an open mind, and put on our multicultural lens. This multicultural lens consists of areas such as gender, linguistics, social economics, gender and race and ethnicity. We will be touching on each of these areas as each day of the blog develops.
      Our second day arriving to the village was filled with many observations to each of our eager eyes. We split into classrooms of kindergarten, preschool and housemothers. As we observed through our education lens our minds were naturally filled with the different approaches to learning taking place. The language barriers required that direct eye contact and communication take place. For the younger children we assessed what level they were at and established routines and activities from there. Though we came with thinking of how to teach them, it slowly unfolded to a learning experience for each of us as well.

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