Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Our Lion King Moment

On the second day of the safari we were in the jeep by 6am with the morning light peaking through the trees, cool breeze hitting our faces and sleepy eyes peeled for any sight of an elephant or zebra. Hours later with numb bodies, the group's hope was slowly fading on our way back to the lodge. Then, there they finally were, zebras, two of them! Excitement filled our jeep as we went off-roading to get a closer look at the black and white stripped animals in their natural habitat. This off-roading adventure lead to a bit of a problem but with a little teamwork, we were able to fix our flat tire and head back with just enough time to attend the water safari. We were hoping to get a glimpse of the one animal we were determined to still see, elephants. Twenty minutes into our water safari, our tour guide claims he sees an elephant across the lake. We hold our breath as we travel across the hippo-infested water to where this elephant may be. There he pulls the boat up literally feet away from two elephants. We were all satisfied but little did we know, as we strolled down the riverbank a ways we would stumble across a whole breading herd of elephants. Our eyes were wide with amazement as we watched them eat grass, playfully fight and adored over the baby elephants emerging. We recorded and took way too many pictures before heading back to what we thought was the end of the day. Little did we know that Tony had one more surprise in mind, a bike ride to a near by village. It was a sight to see, us all riding bikes with classmates on the backseat, down a dirt road, as laughter and dust filled the air behind us. As we arrived to the village we were again humbled by the conditions and left with something to think about. 

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