Monday, 4 July 2011

Hey Guess What...We're In Africa!

               Sunday was spent taking a vacation inside a vacation. We began our journey to Lake Malawi with a stop at the Woodcarvers Market. There were almost thirty little shops filled with intricate creations such as jewelry, painting, and many different animals.  The vendors spent a lot of time on each individual craft. We enjoyed exploring each shop and helping to support their work. Many of the vendors were very persistent to get us into their shops because they work to support their families and livelihood. After spending mass amounts of Kwatcha (money) we continued our adventure to the lake.
                Lake Malawi was absolutely breathtaking and our cabins provided a balcony with a great view. Many of us had monkeys waiting for us on our porches. Spending the day on the beach was a great getaway after our busy first week. We felt like royalty while being served a three course meal and enjoying the music of a local band. After eating we danced the night away, some of us even joined the band with our newly purchased drums. We ended the night star gazing by the lake and enjoyed relaxing together.

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