Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Our Hearts Will Stay In Mtendere

     Our final day at Mtendere tested the group's emotions.  Saying goodbye to the students proved harder than we thought it would be, especially when we were handed handmade gifts from some of the students we had worked with during our time here.  Many students expressed their sadness in our departure though personal letters stressing that we should not forget them and how thankful they were for having the opportunity to get to know us.

     We decided to make a poster for the people of Mtendere.  We cut out and signed handprints so the students would know how grateful we were to know them and how much they have touched our hearts. Many addresses were exchanged, tears were shed, but most importantly lives were changed.  It was a wonderful experience working with these children.  As we said on our poster...

"Our hearts will stay in Mtendere."

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  1. To BSU in Africa: Thanks for sharing your adventure. Reading your thoughts gives such a sense of the genuine warmness and charm of these people, in the midst of such scarcity. I'm glad you are able to have this experience, and that we can share it through you!

    Tom Schroeder
    Chair, Elementary Education